Animated Image Carousels

Spice up your web site with an eye-catching animated image carousel. These rotating image sliders are a great way to showcase featured shopping cart products, company information, specific services, blog articles and more. Normally found on the homepage of most websites, these animated image sliders serve as the perfect introduction to your website. Every image carousel can have multiple slides, each with your own custom photos, text, and information. Cool animated effects and creative transitions play as the image carousel switches from one slide to another. Make sure to add a visually impressive animated image carousel slider to your new web site design.

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Animated Carousel Examples

Check out some examples of our previous websites that feature animated carousels and sliders.

Viera Florida web design company

The Viera Studio

Located in Viera, Florida, the Viera Studio has been a client since 2012. This 100% custom designed website features a layered animated image carousel, email contact form, and event calendar. Coding languages used are HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery. The Viera Studio specializes in teaching performing arts to children and adults.

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Web design company reviews Infinity PCB

Infinity PCB

This web design was 100% custom created for Infinity PCB which provides PCB services and solutions. Located in Melbourne, FL they have been a client since 2013. Coding languages used are HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery.

Visit Website:

Best web design company Miami Florida Vertical Express

Vertical Express

A client of ours since 2006, Vertical Express is based in Miami Beach, Florida. This is a 100% custom design website featuring an animated image carousel and email contact form. The site was built using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery coding languages. They specialize in amazing motorized window shades and blinds for your home or office.

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Carousel slider design - Page Air Inc.

Page Air, Inc.

This WordPress website is semi-custom and features a Content Management System (CMS), mobile responsive, layered animated image carousel and email contact form. The coding languages used are HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery. Located on Meritt Island, FL, Page Air, Inc. has been a client since 2015. They provide air conditioning / heater repairs, services and sales.

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About Our Animated Image Carousels

Want to take your new website to the next level visually? If so, you will definitely want to add an animated image carousel to your new web design.

You have probably seen these animated image sliders many times before; On most websites they are found just on the homepage and located near the top header of the page. Each slider consists of a series of interactive animated frames made up of custom images, text and links that automatically rotates between one another.

An animated image carousel is the perfect way to highlight and showcase specific things that you would like your website visitors to know about. This can be anything from your best-selling e-commerce products, primary company services, special deals, promotions, latest news, page links, blog posts, upcoming events, announcements or whatever else your customers should be aware of. If they want to learn more they can simply click the specific frame to be taken a custom link with more information.

Each carousel consists of multiple individual slide frames; Each one showcasing something different with your custom photos, text and links. The carousel will automatically rotate between the unique frames every few seconds and loops once it gets to the end but your website visitors can quickly navigate to any specific slide with customized slider controls and pagination.

What makes a carousel slider really impressive are the variety of different animation styles, visual effects and creative transitions as it animates between the various frames. There is also the option of having each slide contain multiple layered elements that have been custom timed and animated separately. This along with amazing 3D transitions and stunning effects really makes your siders content jump off the screen and draws the user into your website experience.

We are often asked by our customers what information they should put on their slider. Our advice is simple; Just think of the top things you want your visitor to click on and make each one of those things an individual frame on your carousel. Because sliders are often placed on the top of your landing page, it will often the first thing any visitor will notice when they first arrive on your website. For this reason it is best to think of an animated carousel as an ambassador to your web site introducing your visitors while informing them of the who, what, where and when of your business.

All of our carousels are Flash free, meaning they will play without any problems on all devices including mobile devices such as an iPhones. They are compact and always changing making them the perfect way to display lots of information “above the fold” on your websites homepage. An animated image slider can be added to any of our web design packages and to any page or pages you would like. So don’t forget to have us add a custom animated image carousel to your brand new web design.

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Image Carousel Features

  • Automatically rotates from frame to frame (auto-play)
  • Animated effects and transitions between all frames
  • Interactive controls (so users can manually jump to any specific frame)
  • Add your custom images, text, links and even video to each frame
  • Flash free (so it works on all mobile devices like the iPhone)
  • Carousel setup and configuration
  • Add multiple custom frames
  • Custom designed carousel and controls with CSS styling (100% custom websites)
  • Individual layered elements animated separately on each frame (100% custom websites)

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