Cartoon Logo Design: Fishy Business

Cartoon Logo Design: Fishy Business (Regular)

New cartoon logo design for FISHY BUSINESS GOURMET SMOKED FISH DIP created. This logo was 100% custom designed and will serve as the label for the product packaging. The logo design features a cartoon dolphin fish (aka mahi-mahi), which is the fish used in the dip. FISHY BUSINESS a local Central Florida company making a gourmet smoked fish dip.

We also created them an additional version of their logo with the spicy “with a lil kick” flavor. The logo design features the same mahi-mahi fish used in the “regular” dip but with an additional red color added and incorporated into the design. Both logos will be used on the lid of their packaging. Custom cartoon logos like this, are a great for those looking for something truly unique.

Cartoon Logo Design: Fishy Business (Spicy)