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Top 10 Web Design Tips

Top 10 Web Design Tips

Your website is often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business — and a well-designed website can make a positive first impression and help build trust with your audience.  This is why all businesses should have a quality web presence regardless of their industry. Here... Read More »

New Web Design: St. Mark's Episcopal Church

New Web Design: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

It has been a busy week as usual at The Rusty Pixel and we have launched another brand-new website — this time for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Cocoa, FL. This is a redesign of their old website and is our semi-custom web design package. The site features the WordPress... Read More »

New Website: Residential Masters

New Website: Residential Masters

We have finished and launched a brand-new website for Residential Masters. Our newest web creation was custom designed and built using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform. In addition, the website is mobile-friendly responsive, includes a SSL certificate for security, and we are hosting their new site as well.... Read More »

New Single Page Website for Space Coast Regional EMS

New Single Page Website for Space Coast Regional EMS

We have launched a brand-new website for Space Coast Regional Emergency Medical Services. This single page web creation has no navigation menu, a minimalist header design and a basic layout — however, just because the website is simple and has just one page doesn’t mean that it cannot be effective…... Read More »

Website ADA Compliance

Web Design & ADA Compliance If you are a business owner, you know the importance of having a quality website that is available to anyone in the world… but if your website is not ADA compliant then it isn’t accessible to those individuals with certain disabilities. Even worse, failure to... Read More »

The Eagle Has Landed… A Guide to Landing Pages

So what exactly is a “landing page” and how is it different from a standard website page? A “landing page”, sometimes called a “lead capture page”, is a standalone single web page with a simple design, no navigation and most importantly, a clear “call to action”. Landing pages are most... Read More »

The Importance of User-Friendly Website Design & Functionality

The term "user-friendly" may be a term you can get tired of hearing, like Adele’s music. In the business of web design, however, it is a term that can never be overstated. It is perhaps the most important element of web design. It is the ultimate goal of all web... Read More »

Florida Web Design Tips to Improve Leads: The 5-Second Rule

No matter how great your web site looks visually or how high its SEO ranking is, the bottom-line is that if it doesn’t generate leads then it is doing you no good. Here is a tip designed to increased website leads once someone actually arrives your web site. The 5-Second... Read More »