Logo Redesign: Blinds of all Kinds

Logo Redesign: Blinds of all Kinds

We have redesigned the logo for Blinds of all Kinds with a completely new look and feel — as you can see it came out looking fantastic. This is different from the logo cleanup we did for them last year. Since this is a redesign instead of a logo created from scratch, our goal was to keep the spirit of the original logo but with fresh and modern upgrade.

The centerpiece of their logo is the main icon featuring a large wave, palm tree, and a flying bird (all of the same elements from their old logo) — these are set inside of a bamboo circle with stylized shades at the top. We designed the icon in hand-drawn style giving the overall logo a very organic and beach vibe. The icon alone will work great as the main profile photo for their various social media accounts.

Below the icon is their company name in an all-caps san-serif font, followed by their slogan in a handwritten style font that pairs nicely with the hand-drawn look of the icon. The text “of all” is displayed slightly smaller with two horizontal lines above and below it to give the logo an extra design element as well as decreasing the width of the text since the company name is so long (making the logo more proportional).

The main color of the logo design is a very dark-blue with pastel colors used as highlights to give it the appearance that it was painted with watercolors. If these color highlights are removed then the logo can be displayed as a simple two-tone silhouette (something specifically requested by the client).

In addition to this main logo layout, we also created several variations of it: One version with the icon above with the text stacked vertically,  another with the icon to the left with the text stacked vertically, a black-and-white only version, and finally a version with just the icon by itself.

A local Brevard County, FL company — Blinds Of All Kinds is the local go-to store for all of your window covering needs and have been so since 1983. Be sure to visit their workroom right on US-1 in Rockledge, Florida. They have everything from blinds, shutters, shades, and custom draperies which can transform your living space into your dream home.

So checkout our latest logo redesign and tell us what you think of it. Which version/variation of their new logo design do you personally like best?

Blinds Of All Kinds logo (black and white)

Blinds Of All Kinds logo (vertical)

Blinds Of All Kinds logo (horizontal)