Logo Redesign Creation Process

Below describes the creation process for our 100% custom logo redesign services (keeping the spirit of the original). You will have the opportunity to approve each and every step during your new logos creation. If you have any questions just contact us or request a logo design quote.


Here is the creation process for our 100% custom logo redesigns:

Step 1: Reviewing Your Old Logo
Before we begin any actual design work we will thoroughly discuss and review your existing logo as well as any notes or requirements you may have. Since we will be revamping an existing logo many of the elements will remain the same with just new text, colors, style, etc being updated and modernized with the new look. Any additional elements not present in the original logo must be discussed and agreed upon before we begin.

Step 2: Custom Design Mockups
Using your existing logo as a guide and design plan agreed upon and in place we will create the first round of mockups for you to review. This single concept will be made from scratch specifically for you. There will be emphases on keeping the spirit of the original logo but with a completely new look and feel. The concept will include at least 5 logo variations with different layouts, fonts, colors, style, etc.

Step 3: Design Revisions
During this step you will then have the opportunity of making alterations to or combining your favorite logo concepts together until your new logo is perfected. Remember all colors, fonts, style and layout of your new logo design is 100% customizable to fit your needs and tastes. During this step you have up to 5 rounds of custom design revisions to get your new logo perfect. If necessary you can request additional rounds of logo revisions.

Step 4: Logo Finalization and Delivery
Once you are satisfied with and have approved your new logo design we will finalize it. The finalized logo will include just about every vector and raster file format you will ever need including several generic formats (perfect for your own in-house needs) as well as the original source files (for design and print professionals). For your convenience we will include both large and small versions as well as a list of all colors and fonts used in the design. If you have requested any additional versions or variations of your logo we will include those along with your main finalized logo.

Logo Redesign Melbourne Florida

Creation Process for Logo Redesign Melbourne Florida: Step-by-step guide for custom FL logo redesign creation. We can keep the spirit of your original logo with custom logo redesign Melbourne Florida services.