Logo Redesign: Kuda Gear

Logo Redesign: Kuda Gear

We have just finished a brand-new logo redesign and it came out looking amazing.  Our latest brand identity creation is a re-imagining of their existing logo with an updated modern look and feel — while still keeps the spirit of the original logo design.

The logo features a profile of a barracuda fish done in a hand-drawn and very organic style — complete with stripes and spiky fins. We made sure to infuse lots personality into the design by giving the fish a very expressive face, smirking mouth with large teeth and detailed eyes. Below the icon is the company name “Kuda Gear” in two different modern san-serif fonts.

The main colors are dark greenish-blue and a bright aqua which looks great together as a gradient for the main barracuda icon. The design can easily be displayed as a simple 2-tone silhouette, which is great for how the client intends on using it. We also created a few different versions and variations of their logo — including icon only and versions that look good on a dark/black background.

Kuda Gear is a sport oriented business with a focus on water and outdoors activities such as biking, swimming and triathlons.

So what do you think of our latest custom logo design? Do you like the barracuda icon and color scheme?

Logo Redesign: Kuda Gear (2 variations)