New Business Cards: Digital Reprographics Corp

New Business Cards: Digital Reprographics Corp

Over at The Rusty Pixel, we have finished designing and printing some new business cards for Digital Reprographics Corp. These biz cards were 100% custom designed and came out looking fantastic. The print specifications are our standard for business cards (14pt/glossy with front and back printing).

We went with a very cool black-and-white only color scheme with an extremely minimalist design. The front-side has just their logo in white on a black background — while the back-side is the inverse with their contact information in black on a white background. Large bullet-points with icons help differentiate the individual contact details and their logo icon in the upper-right corner gives the design a little extra flare. The fonts were chosen because they matched the style of their logo design perfectly.

Notice anything unusual about these business cards? There are no names or titles listed — while it does make these cards a little less personal, it does means everyone at the office can use the exact same cards which saves money. Obviously a smart idea which works well for some businesses but not others.

A local Brevard County, FL company —  Digital Reprographics Corp has their main headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. They specialize in the reproduction and duplication of visual materials such as documents, drawings, images, designs, etc using photographic means.

So checkout our latest creative business card design and tell us what you think of it.  Do you like the unique color scheme and style?