New E-Commerce Website: Grind Organik

New E-Commerce Website: Grind Organik

The Rusty Pixel has launched a brand-new e-commerce website for Grind Organik which was 100% custom created. It features a Content Management System (CMS), mobile-friendly responsive, premium SSL certificate (DV), email contact form, reliable web hosting, WordPress and much more.

Grind Organik is a local Brevard County, Florida company based in Rockledge, FL. They provide clean coffee by sourcing the highest-quality RFA certified, sustainably organic coffee from some of the world’s best coffee farmers. They are passionate about selecting coffees that promote social and economic sustainability, allowing both people and wildlife to thrive. They work diligently to offer their customers peace of mind in a cup.

This website was built using a powerful e-commerce shopping cart platform that enables customers to order coffee from the comfort of their home. Dynamic shipping calculators determines the actual shipping cost based on which products are being ordered and where it will be sent to. On-site payment processing allows for final payment to be made directly on their website securely using a credit/debit card. They also offer PayPal as a payment method.

The overall website design has a modern look and feel which perfectly matches the vibe of their unique brand. The dark color scheme of mostly grays and browns really makes the header hero image on the homepage standout and draws the visitor in. Most of the other pages on the website (including the shop, product, cart and checkout pages) have a minimalist header design, featuring just their logo and main navigation menu.

Included in the footer of every page is an email contact form making it super-simple for their customers to connect with any questions or comments they might have. The website is also mobile-friendly responsive, ensuring those on mobile devices can both browse and shop online without any issues.

So visit their new e-commerce website to see the design as well as order some coffee online — make sure to let us know what you think of both. ☕️?