New Logo Design: Anything’s Possible

New Logo Design: Anything's Possible

It has been a busy week and at The Rusty Pixel we have finished a brand-new logo for Anything’s Possible. This new logo design was based on the clients specific concept of a shopping cart stylized as an American flag and we made it a reality.

The stripes and canton of the flag make up the main part of the cart icon with a shopping bag and wheels adding further details to the overall design. Below the main icon is the company name in a serif-font with stars in place of the dots of the two “i” characters. At the bottom is their slogan in a cursive font. The colors used are the exact red and blue of the American flag.

All of these elements come together perfectly to create a very patriotic logo design with a classic all-American look and feel.

Anything’s Possible was founded by two individuals in Brevard County, Florida who have worked together for many years and decided to start their own adventure of buying merchandise in bulk and passing the savings on to you.

Do you like our latest logo creation? If so let us know! ?????