New Logo Design: Cowboy Bob DJ & Dance

New Logo Design: Cowboy Bob DJ & Dance

We have designed a brand-new logo for Cowboy Bob DJ & Dance. Our latest creation was based on the clients specific concept and is our clipart logo design package. As you can see, it came out looking really good.

The main logo icon design is a creative combination of a cowboy hat and DJ headphones β€” this icon is very memorable looking so it will work great a profile photo for their various social media accounts. Directly below the icon is their company name “Cowboy Bob” in a old west stylized font and their slogan “DJ and Dance” in a more standard serif-font. The horizontal lines on either side of the slogan gives the overall design some extra visual flare.

This logo was also designed to be a 2-tone black-and-white silhouette with no gradients β€” meaning it will work great for many types of printing.

Cowboy Bob DJ & Dance offers some of the best DJ services throughout Brevard County, Florida and the surrounding areas. They specialize in all types of events like weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, and much more β€” all with a western cowboy vibe.

So what do you think of our newest logo design? Do you like the western look and feel?