New Logo Design: High Priestess II

Circle Logo Design: High Priestess II

The Rusty Pixel has just finished creating a brand-new logo design for High Priestess II. This new logo design is based on the clients unique concept and is modeled after a tarot card. The design features a detailed priestess with tattoos, earrings, flowing hair, white eyes and wearing a robe; she is standing in front of two crescent and one full moon (which represents the phases of the moon). The colors are black outlines with shinning gold so it really grabs your attention.

High Priestess II is a new local small business based in Rockledge, Florida. They specialize in and pride themselves on organic and pesticide-free herbs and healing sprays. All herbs are grown in their personal garden with love and care.

We also created two unique and very different variations of their logo. The first is a circle design with the company name in white and arcing around the priestess. This logo layout works great as a seal, label for their products and as a social media profile picture. The second variation is a horizontal logo with the company name in black and is perfect for all other uses. Even though different fonts are used on each variation, both work well for their given layout.

Checkout our latest logo creation, give us your thoughts and tell us which variation do you like best.

Horizontal Logo Design: High Priestess II