New Logo Design: Local Screen Co.

New Logo Design: Local Screen Co.

We have finished a brand-new logo design for Local Screen Co. Our latest logo creation was based on the clients specific concept of incorporating the State of Florida flag and map together in a creative way β€” we took this initial concept expanded upon it to what you see now.

Using the official Florida flag, we placed it inside a silhouette of the Sunshine State and added a star over Brevard County FL to visually indicate where they are located. The company name is in a bright-yellow and large san-serif font to the left of the icon. Both of these elements have a thick black border so they really stand-out.

The entire design is inside of a blue rectangle box with rounded corners. A screen mesh pattern, which highlights the screen services they offer, complete the overall design. All colors used in the logo design are the exact same colors found in the Florida State flag/seal.

Based in Melbourne, Florida β€” Local Screen Co. has been in business since 1993 and specializes in screen installations and repairs. Their aim is to provide expert service, honest estimates, and helpful consultations.

Do you like our latest logo design? If so let us know!