New Logo Design: ORANGEe Kik

New Logo Design: ORANGEe Kik (main)

Here at The Rusty Pixel we have created a brand-new logo design for ORANGEe Kik as well as several variations of it. Our newest logo is based on the clients specific concept which we took to the next level with a creative design.

The main logo is a stylized orange fruit with single leaf which is used as the “O” in their company name as well as the icon for their brand. The colors are a bright orange with a splash of neon-green and the text is a simple san-serif font β€” both the limited colors and minimalist font (without a slogan or extra text) help give the logo a modern/metro look and feel.

Kik it up! ORANGEe Kik is a new local startup offering convenient and reliable short-term rentals of electric-scooters. Currently this service is only available in Cocoa Beach, FL but they will be expanding to other cities within Brevard County, Florida and beyond very soon. Enjoy more on your beach vacation. No car or parking hassles to handle β€” just scan the QR code with their smartphone app and go.

In additional to the main logo (which is on an orange background with white text), we also created a few versions and variations of it for other uses. The first has a white background with orange text and the second is a vertical layout. We also included icon only versions for all color combinations which work great for their social media profile photos.

So checkout our this really cool and unique logo design and let us know what you think of it. Which of the variations is your favorite? ???

New Logo Design: ORANGEe Kik (white)

New Logo Design: ORANGEe Kik (icon)