New Logo Design: Palm Cay Rug Yarn

New Logo Design: Palm Cay Rug Yarn

We have finished a logo design Palm Cay Rug Yarn. Our brand-new logo creation is based on the clients specific concept and idea.

The logo design features a stylized palm tree icon with very thin fronds (giving it a very unique look) as well as coconuts hanging from above and a minimalist shadow below. The company name arcs across the top and the slogan arcs along the bottom separated by vertical lines. A double bordered pill-shaped oval surrounds everything to create a seal-type look. A muted-green is the only color used with no shading or gradients for a basic 2-tone silhouette design and all the text is in a classic serf font in all-caps.

All of these individual elements come together to create the exact look and feel that the client was striving for.

Palm Cay Rug Yarn is a new Brevard County, FL company offering the best quality rug yarn with an enormous color palette for all of your rug punching and hooking needs. They are your one stop shop for your next project whether it is a luxurious floor rug or a tapestry project for the wall. We are also building their new website design, so stay tuned for more updates.

This is our new clipart logo package and is great for those needing a high-quality logo designed but at a more affordable cost. Contact us today if you need a vector logo design created for your new or existing business.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think of our latest Florida logo design. ?