New Logo Design: Trident Healthcare

New Logo Design: Trident Healthcare

Here at The Rusty Pixel we have finished a brand-new logo design for Trident Healthcare.

Our latest logo creation is based on the clients specific concept of a stylized trident — we came up of the idea of blending that together with a medical cross to create a very memorable and symbolic icon. This trident shaped icon is also perfectly sized for use as a main profile photo for social media accounts.

Directly below the icon are two horizontal line which frame the company name “Trident Healthcare”. At the very bottom is their slogan “mind + wellness + body” which is the same width as the horizontal lines. The font is a very classic-looking serif-font which captures the companies overall the vibe perfectly.

The colors are a muted-aqua and dark-grey color with no gradients used for a metro look and feel. While the design incorporates two-colors, it can be used as a silhouette only which is great for certain uses and printing.

Trident Healthcare is a new local Brevard County FL medical startup company located in Melbourne, Florida. We are currently working on their new website so stay tuned!

So what do you think of our newest logo design? Check it out and let us know.