New Logo Design: Whyte’s Wellness

New Logo Design: Whyte's Wellness

This week we have finished a brand-new logo design for Whyte’s Wellness. Our latest logo design is based on the clients unique specific concept and everyone is really happy with how it came out.

The logo features a stylized flying hummingbird with its wings flapping. The hummingbird icon is designed in a minimalist style and the simple gradient gives it added depth. The sleek fonts used for both the company name and slogan pairs very nicely with the icons overall look and feel. The green, yellow and black color scheme is based off of the colors of the Jamaican flag and completes the logo design.

Whyte’s Wellness is a new telemedicine business specializing in online video chatting. They are a local Brevard County, FL company based in Cocoa, Florida.

Check out our latest logo creation and give us your feedback! ??