New Logo Variations for Rocket Beach

New Logo Variations for Rocket Beach (icon)

We have finished two new logo variations for Rocket Life, part of Rocket Beach Enterprises based in Brevard County, Florida. We created their original logo back in 2022 and it was based on the clients specific concept.

Both of these new logo versions include the same stylized elements as the original; such as a launching rocket, beach with palm tree, moon, waves, surfing astronaut, alien head, and Apollo space capsule with parachute. Additionally, some of these various elements form part of the company name — including as the rocket tail forming part of the “R”, the “O” being the moon, the astronaut and surfboard forming part of the “L”, and the alien head as the dot of the “I” .

The two fonts used in the custom logo design couldn’t be more different — a very modern and futuristic style font was used for “rocket”, while  “life” has a handwritten cursive style font. The main colors are a bright red, royal blue, and a sandy-brown in addition to the secondary colors of green, orange, and aqua.

These additional logo variations were needed for different applications — for example if you need a logo version to print on a darker color background verses a lighter, or a version that fits better in a vertical space. This is why the first version is on a white background and is more vertical while the second version is on a black background and is more horizontal.

So checkout some of our newest logo design work and give use your feedback. Which logo variation do you like best of the two?

New Logo Variations for Rocket Beach (black BG)