New Single Page Website for Space Coast Regional EMS

New Single Page Website for Space Coast Regional EMS

We have launched a brand-new website for Space Coast Regional Emergency Medical Services. This single page web creation has no navigation menu, a minimalist header design and a basic layout — however, just because the website is simple and has just one page doesn’t mean that it cannot be effective… in fact if done right a page just like this can be incredibly beneficial.

Single page (or landing page) websites like this one are great for companies that wish to focus on a single topic, service, or product. They are also perfect at maximizing lead generation or directing users to a specific call-to-action. Frequently they are utilized in conjunction with pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads.

Space Coast Regional EMS is a business located in Brevard County, Florida but works nationwide. Headed by Dr. Williams, they specialize in EMS services for wilderness, aerospace, international, tactical, operational, marine, local and remote EMS to extreme environments.

The blue and white color scheme gives the overall design of the website a clean look and feel. Large fonts, colorful photos and icons help breakup the various sections of the page making easier to read. While a header navigation is necessary on nearly all standard websites, it is not needed on a landing page website — as a result the users attention is immediately focused on the content of the page. A fixed “contact us” button is always visible on the top-right corner of the page. Other features includes is a SSL certificate, mobile-friendly responsive and reliable web hosting.

So what do you think of our latest landing page project? If you or someone you know needs a landing page, give us a call today! ???⚕️??‍⚕️

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