New Trade-Show Banner: AIT Medical

New Trade-Show Banner: AIT Medical

We have created a brand-new large trade-show banner for AIT Medical. This banner is huge, coming in at 20-feet wide by 7.4-feet high.

It was 100% custom designed by us in a vector format. The overall look and feel of the banner is very clean and highlights the medical video borescopes products they offer. Since this would be used for a trade-show background and viewed from a distance, we wanted to keep the design very minimalist and made sure that the text easily readable.

Their logo is prominently located in the upper-left corner and contact information with stylized icons in the upper-right corner. Below are several quotes from various organizations on torn sheets of paper explaining the importance of using a product such as theirs. Along the middle top and bottom are blue tabs which contains product heading details and useful information from the CDC. A blurry image in the background makes everything in the main design stand out more.

A local Brevard County, Florida company with offices in Melbourne, FL โ€” Advanced Inspection Technologies (AIT) is the premier supplier of borescopes for inspecting lumens and channels found on surgical devices and endoscopes. They serve the sterile process departmentโ€™s need to comply with industry recommendations to conduct a visual inspection of medical devices and their borescopes help prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAI).

So checkout this very cool large trade-show banner and let us know what you think of it.