New Website Launched: Shades Public Adjusting

New Website Launched: Shades Consulting

Introducing the freshly launched website for Shades Public Adjusting! Don’t let its simplicity fool you; this sleek one-page wonder can be remarkably effective when executed thoughtfully.

Featuring a muted green and blue color scheme to match their logo, this new web design incorporates large fonts, vibrant photos, and icons to enhance readability for each part of the website. Right near the top is a series of animated numbers featuring company stats that really grabs the users attention when the page first loads. Just above the bottom footer is an email contact form with added spam protection; this is a great way to easily capture website leads

One of the most prominent features of this site is a fixed website header and a navigation menu with animated anchor links to the various individual sections of the page β€” This is done instead of linking to separate pages which makes for easy no-click browsing.

The site also boasts an SSL certificate, mobile-friendly responsiveness, and fast website hosting.

With headquarters in Cantonment, Florida (a town near Pensacola, FL) in the Florida Panhandle β€” The team over at Shades Public Adjusting strive to be a one stop shop for the claims process. They will file your claim, work the claim, and finish the claim; simple as that. You can rest assured that if you hire them, then you will have nothing to worry about.

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