New Website Lunched: Paul T. Scarborough

New Website Lunched: Paul T. Scarborough

We have launched a brand-new website for Paul T. Scarborough, Artist. Our latest website design is semi-custom, mobile-friendly responsive, WordPress Content Management System (CMS), SSL certificate and website hosting.

Paul T. Scarborough is originally from Madison, Wisconsin and graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL. He moved to Orlando, Florida and became a renowned painter focusing on abstract modern expressionism. He is best known for fierce abstractions in bold color — these works boldly juxtapose symbols of human sensuality against themed landscapes. Paul’s work hangs in numerous collections across the USA. He died in 2018 and this new website was setup by his family as a tribute to him and his amazing work.

The black background makes the vibrant and brightly colored artwork really stand out. There are several different collections and each has its own page allowing users to get a sampling of his extensive catalogue of work. Bright-blue is used as an accent color throughout the site and a black-and-white image of Paul is featured in the header of every page.

Everyone should checkout our newest website design creation, especially art lovers. Don’t forget to give us your feedback. 🚀🖌️🖼️🎨👨‍🎨

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