New Website: ORANGEe Kik

New Website: ORANGEe Kik

We have launched a brand-new web site for ORANGEe Kik and it came out looking great. Our latest website design is our semi-custom web package and includes a CMS (Content Management System), WordPress, mobile friendly responsive, SSL certificate, and super fast web hosting.

The homepage header features a large animated image slider with each frame containing a clear call to action prompting visitors to download their app. The contact page includes an email contact form, making it super-easy for anyone to connect them with questions, comments or issues they might have.

The overall look/feel of the website is very minimalist as the layout was designed to be very similar to that of a mobile-app. The color scheme is orange and green, which matches their logo (which we also created) perfectly.

This website is also ADA compliant to level AA — meaning it is accessible to those with disabilities. This includes things like the font having enough contrast with the background so it can be easily read by someone who is visually impaired, works with screen readers and can be scaled up to 200% without breaking the design.

A newly opened business, ORANGEe Kik offers convenient short-term rentals of electric-scooters. While only available in Cocoa Beach, Florida right now — they will soon be expanding to other cities within Brevard County, FL and eventually the rest of the Sunshine State. With this exciting service, you can enjoy more on your beach vacation without the need of a car and with no parking hassles. Easily scan the QR code with their new smartphone app and you are good to ride.

As a local business themselves, ORANGEe Kik has made a commitment to working with local Brevard County businesses like The Rusty Pixel.

So checkout their new site and our latest web design and tell us what you think of it. ???

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