The Rusty Pixel NEW Web Design: TRP v5.0

Welcome to the new website design of The Rusty Pixel. We have been in business since 2006 and this is the 5th web redesign we have done; Perhaps it is the best yet? You tell us. Here is the official tweet announcing our new site launch:

So What is New in TRP v5.0?

The new look and style is probably the first thing you have noticed but behind-the-scenes there is a lot going on. First this is the first fully mobile-friendly responsive web design (our previous design was only partially responsive).

Second it is the first to be built on the powerful WordPress platform which in addition to being easier to manage also gives us blogging functionality. Expect a new blog post at least once a month where we will discuss web design, logo, design, graphic design and related news.

New Metro Logo Design

Finally, along with the new website design is also a brand new logo for The Rusty Pixel. Keeping the spirit of our previous two logos this third design features a flat or “metro” design for the icon and more bold easier to read font. The new metro style of the logo is branded perfectly with our new website design.

More to Come?

Yes! These are just a few of the new things and highlighted features of the new The Rusty Pixel web site and logo design.

Web Design Florida

NEW The Rusty Pixel Web Design Florida Launched TRP v5.0

See the NEW website design for The Rusty Pixel (v5.0) based in Brevard County FL. We’re professional web designers and this is our new web design Florida.

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