The Rusty Pixel v6.0


Today we have just launched our brand-new website design! This is the 6th web design that The Rusty Pixel has had in our 12 years of business and replaces the old “metro site” design we have had since 2015. What is unique about this new website is that each section/service is themed with one of six unique gradient color schemes; this is why we are (cleverly) calling this iteration of TRP “the gradient site”. This is a fun and visual way to highlight the various parts of our website. Here is each color and the section:

  • Red for general pages
  • Aqua for web design pages
  • Green for logo design pages
  • Pink for print design pages
  • Blue for contact pages
  • Yellow for the blog pages

The homepage again features a full-screen layered animated image carousel showcasing artistic photos of computers and a video of a space shuttle launch for one slide. Each frame is geared towards a different service or important call-to-action link. The slider is a high-impact visual element that will immediately grab the users attention and sets the mood for the rest of the site.

With the exception of the homepage, every page has a sidebar that is specific to each section/service of the website allowing users to further explore the specific subject they are interested in. This is departure from our previous two websites, both of which did not feature a sidebar.

The top header and main navigation of the website is again a fixed concept (meaning that it always stays in view at the very top of every page); this makes accessing the various main sections of the website quick and easy. This header design is a more basic simplified version compared to our previous site as it features only 1 row instead of 2 and has no drop-downs. This fixed header feature is becoming a staple of The Rusty Pixel websites having been a part of our last 3 web designs going all the way back to 2012.

As with our previous website, the header navigation is not the only fixed element on each page. At the bottom right there is a small “back to top” button arrow which only shows once the user scrolls down a bit. If the user does not scroll the page for 15 seconds then a “contact us” pop-out shows on the left-side of the screen.

The bottom footer section of the site is very similar to our previous website. For the company news section, it again features our recent blog posts (this time with a featured image thumbnail) as well as our latest tweets. Below that is a site search box, page link sitemap, social media buttons and of course copyright details.

One thing that has been eliminated is that we no longer have service specific email contact forms, instead opting for one generic form on the bottom of every single page. We found that specific forms were not helpful to our users and instead made things more confusing.

Our new website is of course mobile-friendly responsive. It was also built utilizing WordPress CMS and features a 100% custom design (no templates used here). This new site design took us over 1-month to complete and we are extremely happy with how it came out.

So checkout our new website design and let us know what you think. We feel that TRP-v6.0 is our greatest design yet and look forward to getting feedback from our visitors.