Top 3 Tips for Happy Users

Do you want happy users? Let’s be honest; who doesn’t right? To aid in that goal we have complied our top 3 tips for keeping your website visitors happy and coming back for more! At The Rusty Pixel we create Florida web designs with all 3 tips in mind. Contact us today for more information about a brand new FL web design with happy users in mind or a free review of your existing website. Now without further ado… The 3 tips for happy website users:

Tip #1: Think Less

Not you, the user. Everything about your website should be obvious and self-explanatory. If a user arrives on your homepage and has to think about what your website is all about then likely you have already lost them, probably for good. They should at a quick glance know or at the very least have a good idea of who you are and what you do. The site layout, navigation and architecture is another area that you do not want your users to be overthinking. Everything should be clear and straight-forward allowing your users to easily explore and quickly find what they want. Remember users do not have to think about where the “back” button is and clicking it is way easier then overthinking whatever you’ve got going on.

Tip #2: Patience is a Virtue

Well at least that is what I have been told since I was a child. Unfortunately the parents of all website visitors must not have been as diligent as mine were since the average website user couldn’t been any less patient. Because of this don’t try your users patience; Keep clicks to a minimum, don’t force them to give up personal information, make email forms short and the e-commerce checkout process streamlined. You know what you want visitors to take away from your website so put that front-and-center. Remember, you have just 5 short seconds to grab and retain their attention so make it easy for users to quickly find the information they want and optional to give up any of theirs.

Tip #3: Keep it Simple Stupid

While an amazing visual web design is important to be sure, it is likely your visitors are not on your website to just admire the view. Strive for simplicity over complexity with a clean design, simple navigation and no-nonsense content. Do this by not cluttering your web pages with unnecessary information, distracting advertisements and a wacko layout. Also avoid anything which can be annoying like random popups, background music and video embeds that autoplay unexpectedly. Instead highlight just the best of what you have to offer with succinct overviews, enticing media, slick design and “read more” links that visitors can follow for additional information if they so choose. Our motto is less is more.