New Website Launched: Results About Me

Website Launched: Results About Me

We have launched a brand-new website for Results About Me. This new blogging web design is 100% custom created and based on the clients specific concept for the look/feel. It features the WordPress blogging platform (CMS), is mobile-friendly responsive, has an animated image slider, SSL and web hosting. The colors and style of the new design go with both the logo and overall vibe of their brand.

Results About Me (or RAM), is based locally in Brevard County, FL and is an online blog. The website acts as an online journey journal about loss, gain, and the trials and tribulations of losing 100 pounds. Follow his progress by reading and commenting on recent and past blog posts — or become part of the team and join him in losing weight yourself (option for registering via email).

To help users track his progress quickly and visually, there is a red-bar in the side column on every page of the site which shows his starting, current and goal weights — Since this site was just started he has a long way to go. The website also has a “sticky” header which means the logo, main navigation and search bar is always visible at the top of the screen, even if the user scrolls down.

Be sure to check out our latest website creation and tell us your thoughts! ??