Zachary M. Martin Memorial Raffle Tickets

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At The Rusty Pixel, we’ve recently designed and printed some amazing looking event raffle tickets for Zachary M. Martin Memorial. These tickets are 5.5″ wide by 2″ high, with a full color front and grayscale back. They were 100% custom designed with unlimited revisions to ensure the client was completely satisfied with the finished product. As you can see they look fantastic.

The printing specifications are 14pt uncoated which is perfect for writing on. There is a perforation so the tickets can easily be ripped in half — with the larger side being used in the raffle and the smaller side kept as a stub for the drawing. Each ticket has a unique number and there is space on both parts for purchasers to write their personal details on so the raffle winner can be identified to claim their prize.

The front of the design design features a photo of Zach in his US Marine uniform with an American flag flying at sunset. This imagery along with the red, white, and blue color scheme gives the tickets a very patriotic look and feel. The ticket number is prominently featured in two blue boxes, making it stand out. A QR code takes the user to their website (which we also created) so they can donate or purchase merchandise.

Check-boxes along the bottom allow each ticket to have a different value depending on which raffle it was purchased for — this is a great way to utilize the same design for a multitude of different purposes, which saves money on both design and printing.

On June 28, 2022, PFC Zachary Matthew Martin of the US Marine Corps, took his life after struggling with PTSD. The Zachary M. Martin Memorial Run/Walk Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation was founded to raise funds for veterans and discharged military post service struggling with PTSD get the help they need. They also help families who have lost military loved ones from suicide.

The second annual Zachary M. Martin Memorial RunWalk is scheduled for June 28, 2024 and will take place in Viera, FL with the goal of raising money to prevent soldier suicide. There will also be several different raffles at the event, which these tickets will be used for.

At The Rusty Pixel we invite you to donate to their cause, attend their upcoming event next month, and to purchase raffle tickets. Also be sure to tell us what you think of this event raffle ticket design — Do you like the patriotic style? We eagerly await your valuable feedback!

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