Boat Decal Logo: She Reel Nauti

Boat Decal Logo: She Reel Nauti

Over at The Rusty Pixel we have finished a new boat decal design for She Reel Nauti. This graphic design is based on the clients specific concept and is our clipart logo design package.

The logo was designed to be printed on the back stern of the boat “She Reel Nauti” using a vinyl decal. Vinyl is a great option for any design that will have near constant exposure to saltwater, inclement weather of all kinds and other harsh outdoor elements (like the Florida sun and heat). As a boat graphic it also important that the name be clearly identifiable and legible from a great distance. This is why the design is a very simple silhouette in black-and-white with bold text in an easily readable font.

If the play-on-words of the boats name didn’t give it away, the client uses their boat for fishing β€” so the overall design features an attractive lady sitting on the word “she” while holding a fishing pole that has hooked the word “reel” (which is being reeled-in). Their boat is docked in Brevard County, FL β€” so look for it while out on the water.

In addition to the main horizontal version of this logo design (which will go on the boat) β€” we also created an additional logo variation with a more vertical/square layout to be used for other types of printing (like hats, cups, and more).

Checkout our latest graphic design project and let us know what you think of the logo. Do you think the boats name is clever?