New Logo Design for Home Watch Guardians

New Logo Design for Home Watch Guardians

At The Rusty Pixel, we’ve crafted a fresh logo design for Home Watch Guardians. Our latest creation is our clipart logo design package and was based on the clients specific concept. The finished logo came out looking great and the client is really happy with it.

The main logo design icon is a creative combination of a house, shield and lock — since this icon is so unique and memorable looking it will work great a profile photo for any social media account. Directly below that is their company name “Home Watch Guardians” and slogan “keep calm while you’re away”, both in a san-serif font with different weights so the lettering stands out.

With a color palette comprising a dark blue and a bright aqua, this logo is not only visually appealing but also versatile, capable of being rendered as a two-tone silhouette for a variety of layout possibilities and printing options.

Home Watch Guardians is a new Brevard County, Florida business based in Merritt Island, FL — they specialize in security services. Contact them today for more information.

So tell us what do you think of our newest logo design. Do you like the creative icon design we created?