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A blog is a diary-styled collection of online articles focused on any number of different topics. Write about yourself, your business and everything in-between! We utilize WordPress exclusively for all our blogging websites because it is by far the most popular and versatile blog platform available online today and definitely the easiest to learn. So even if you are a beginner with no coding knowledge whatsoever you can still easily manage your blog like a pro. Blogging is also a great way to create new indexable content which can help boost your websites SEO ranking on major search engines like Google.

At The Rusty Pixel we specialize in developing blogs and custom designed WordPress websites. So regardless if you need a blog for your business or personal use, we can create you something that not only looks fantastic but is also easy-to-use.

Blog & WordPress Examples

Check out some examples of our previous blog and WordPress web site work.

POA Orlando Web Design Florida CMS

Painted Oaks Academy

Located in Orlando, Florida Painted Oak Academy has been a client since 2008. Their website is built using WordPress and was 100% custom designed from scratch. The site features a Content Management System (CMS), animated image carousel slider, email registration form and more. Coding languages used are HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery. Painted Oaks Academy offers horseback riding lessons, stables, kid camps, pony parties and pumpkin patch during Halloween season.

Visit Website:

WordPress Web Design Orange County FL

Save Orange County

A client since 2015, Save Orange County is an organization dedicated to promoting responsible development in Orlando, Florida. This site is semi-custom designed and features a CMS (WordPress), mobile-friendly responsive and more. Coding languages utilized are HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery.

Visit Website:

About WordPress & Blog Websites

A blog is a collection of frequently updated online journal entries about a very specific topic or a wide range of different subjects. Theses entries or “posts” are normally topical and listed in reverse chronological order. Originally known a “weblog” the term was eventually shortened to just “blog” and a person who writes or maintains a blog is known as a “blogger”. Blogging is a great way to help boost your websites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking by creating new content for major search engines like Google to index. At The Rusty Pixel we specialize in creating blog websites which can be added on to any of our web design packages.

A blog can be about anything, for anyone and applied in any number of different ways for both businesses and individuals. For example; a business can utilize a blog for their press releases, post about their latest projects, company news, offer helpful tips, product tutorials, comment on industry happenings or whatever. Individuals can utilize a blog as a personal journal, write about daily life, travel, family news, observations of current events, random thoughts and much more. It is your blog so make it your own!

At The Rusty Pixel our blogging platform of choice is WordPress which since its release back in 2003 has since become the most prolific and versatile software on the Internet today. Besides being just a blogging platform WordPress is also the most popular and innovative Content Management System (CMS) platform out there. A blog and CMS are very similar in terms of both functionality and application; in fact a blog is essentially just a specialized type of CMS. WordPress gives you the best of both platforms in a single easy-to-use system.

Web design WordPress logo

To start, login to the WordPress dashboard using your unique access credentials; from here you can manage your entire blog as well as adding, editing or deleting posts. When composing a new blog article, first type in a relevant title for your new blog post and don’t forget to set a featured image which will be prominently displayed everywhere the blog post shows. The main content area of your blog post is manipulated via a WYSIWYG (or “What You See is What You Get”) editor and is reminiscent of any common word processor making editing a breeze. There is no coding knowledge required whatsoever and is easy to both learn and use; even for beginners. If you make a mistake it is no big deal because WordPress saves an archived history of changes which you can simply revert back to.

One of the most important and frequently overlooked features of the blogging functionality is the blog categories. This hierarchical categories list is used to group blog posts together by particular subjects or topics. This makes it much easier for your visitors to browse and find articles which interest them. Check as many relevant categories as needed for your blog post from the existing list or add brand new categories on the fly. Related categories can be grouped together by seeding them as sub-categories under a main parent category.

Along with categories you can also set multiple tags for each blog post separated by commas. Because categories and tags are very similar people often get confused about the difference between them and how to best use them. As a general rule, categories are for broad blog topics while tags are used to describe a posting in more detail. For example; say you were doing a food recipe blog, your categories would be “desserts” and “baking” while your tags would be “chocolate” and “cookies”.

Once you have finished creating a new blog article, click “publish” to make it live for the world to see. Since blog posts are dynamically displayed from newest to oldest, your most recent posting will be right on top for your visitors to see. Blog articles can be featured anywhere on your website and easily filtered by category, tag, author, date, keyword and more. For example; readers can click on a category or tag that interests them to discover related or similar articles. If you have multiple people editing your blog, visitors can click on a specific author to see all their other postings. Readers can view an archive of older articles from a specific time to see what was trending or happening at that time.

If you choose, readers can respond to any article with their own comments perhaps even sparking a virtual conversation; social engagement likes this helps to build and foster a dedicated online community. Using the built-in RSS (or “Really Simple Syndication”) functionality, frequent readers can subscribe to your blog feed to automatically receive updates every time new content is added. Add customizable blog widgets anywhere on your website for easy access to your latest posts, categories, archives and more.

No matter how you plan on using your new blog it is the perfect addition to any personal or business website. Best of all, a blog is great way to generate new and relevant SEO content for all major search engines to index. A blog is included at no additional cost when you add a WordPress CMS platform to your new web design package. At The Rusty Pixel we specialize in both semi-custom and 100% custom WordPress blog websites.

Below you can see a feature and functionality list of what is included with our blog and WordPress websites. If you have any questions just contact us or request a WordPress web design quote.

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WordPress Blog Features

  • WordPress platform
  • Add, edit or delete blog posts
  • Set a featured image for each article
  • Set multiple categories and tags for each article
  • Improves SEO by creating indexable content
  • NO coding knowledge necessary
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Access backend with unique login credentials
  • Manipulate content with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Archived history of revision and changes
  • Blog filtering and search
  • Custom seeded blog categories and sub-categories
  • Blog comments
  • Business or personal use
  • Setup (including database)
  • Blog configuration and customization
  • A blog is an optional add-on to any web design package

Melbourne FL Website Design

Blog and CMS WordPress site for Melbourne FL Website Design: Get a custom blog built on a WordPress platform and start Florida website blogging. Content Management System (CMS) is great for Melbourne FL website design