Logo Design: Blinds of All Kinds

Logo Design: Blinds of All Kinds (circle)

The Rusty Pixel has cleaned up the logo for Blinds of All Kinds and created two custom variations of it.

When we first received and reviewed the vector logo files they were a complete mess — There were open paths, unintentional opacity, unnecessary points, elements out of alignment, no named layers and many other obvious problems. So we carefully went through and fixed the glaring issues, cleaned up the overall design and brought it up to a professional level.

Once their primary logo was perfect and finalized — we created two unique variations of it. The first is a reduced color version utilizing just 4-colors and no gradients; This logo variation is better and cheaper for certain types of printing. The second is a circle logo which works great as a social media profile photo.

Blinds Of All Kinds is located in Rockledge, FL and specializes in window coverings such as blinds, shutters, shades, and custom draperies made right in Brevard County, Florida. They also carry designer fabrics and wallpaper.

So checkout their cleaned up logo design as well as the two variations and tell us what you think. Which is your favorite version?

Their Primary Logo

Logo Design: Blinds of All Kinds (main)

Reduced 4-Color Logo Version

Logo Design: Blinds of All Kinds (4 colors)