New Logo Design: Alliance Logistics Inc

New Logo Design Alliance Logistics

We have created a brand-new logo design for Alliance Logistics, Inc — a new startup business. This logo was 100% custom created and based on the clients specific concept, as you can see it came out looking fantastic. The logo design was done in a very technical style with a geometric icon, an ultra-modern font and muted colors.

The main icon is a stylized “A” made up of several angled shapes that partially surrounded by a circle. The icon sits between the company name “Alliance Logistics” with “incorporated” smaller on the bottom-left.

Everyone really likes the futuristic style font used in the logo design because it pairs so nicely with the icon — it is a san-serif style font with thin lines, angled edges, and very minimalist lettering. The metallic-blue and dark-gray colors scheme ties the entire design together, and best of all it can also be displayed or printed as a simple two-tone silhouette (making this logo very versatile).

All of these differing elements come together to give this logo design look a very unique science-fiction look and feel that evokes technology and efficiency — all of which works perfectly for their company brand and company identity.

So checkout our latest logo creation and give use your feedback. Do you like the sci-fi style icon, fonts and colors?