New Logo Design: Brew Crew Cards & Sports Collectables

New Logo Design: Brew Crew Cards & Sports Collectables

We have created a brand-new logo design for Brew Crew Cards & Sports Collectables. This logo was 100% custom created and based on the clients specific hand-drawn sketch which we took and improved upon. As you can see this amazing new logo design was done in a seal style for a classic look and feel.

The logo is made up of two parts — the center with the main icon on a yellow gradient background, and the outside with the company name on a black background. The main center part of the design features the initials “BC” intertwined in a classic looking cursive-style font. The outside has their primary business main name “Brew Crew” above it in a block style serif font, and the text “Cards and Sports Collectables” below that in a san-serif font.

The colors and style of this logo are based on the owners favorite sport teams. The brighter red, yellow and white colors pair nicely with the darker blue and black for an overall design that really stands out. Other elements of this creative design include three diamonds and the year their business were established. Since the logo is a seal it works fantastic as the main profile for any social media account.

Brew Crew is a new startup business based in Brevard County, Florida. They offer sport cards and collectables for both sale and trade. We are currently developing their new e-commerce website which should be completed soon.

Checkout our latest logo design creation and be sure to tell us what you think of it.