New Logo Design: Powerhouse Public Adjusting

New Logo Design: Powerhouse Public Adjusting

Introducing the freshly crafted logo design for Powerhouse Public Adjusting. This logo is a product of meticulous customization, originating from the client’s own hand-drawn concept, which we enhanced to perfection.

Comprising two distinct elements, the logo features a stylized house with roof damage, and incorporating the letter “P” within. This iconic symbol serves as an ideal profile image for social media platforms. Complementing this is a thin line running beneath the house, between the company name and culminating in a stylized tornado along the right-side.

The primary typography for “Powerhouse” is rendered in a bold block-style sans-serif font, exuding strength and solidity, while “Public Adjusting” below adopts a handwritten style for a personal touch. Using a muted-blue and bright-red color scheme, the logo offers versatility since it can be easily modified to a two-tone silhouette if needed.

Situated in Cantonment, FL, near Pensacola in the Florida Panhandle, Powerhouse Public Adjusting specializes in insurance claim consultation for all scales of loss. Their adept team of adjusters is dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for your claim, boasting a blend of field expertise and desk proficiency.

We invite you to explore our latest logo creation and share your thoughts with us!