Updated Logo Design for CUI-CON2

Updated Logo Design for CUI-CON2

We have updated the logo we created for CUI-CON to make it CUI-CON2.

CUI-CON, which is short for Controlled Unclassified Information Conference, was an event that took place in Melbourne Beach, FL this past February 2023, and we designed their logo. Fast-forward to today and they are preparing for next conference which they are calling CUI-CON2 — so we needed to modify their original logo to reflect this change.

The original logo was based on the clients specific concept and features 1980s style 3D text flying out. The bold san-serif font style is easy-to-read — while the color scheme is purple with metallic looking gradients. The only change is that we made is the addition of the number “2” in a similar fashion as that of a mathematical squared.

As with the previous event, CUI-CON2 is working conference geared towards Department of Defense (DoD) contractors, with a focus on what they must do to protect their intellectual property and to be in compliance. The event will likely be held in Brevard County, Florida again (but stay tuned for updates).

In the meantime, checkout our latest updated logo design and tell us what you think of it. Do you like the original or the updated logo design with the “2” better?