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New Cartoon Logo Design: Heavy Metal Gutters

New Cartoon Logo Design: Heavy Metal Gutters

This week we finished a brand-new cartoon logo design for Heavy Metal Gutters. This is a full character cartoon logo creation featuring a 1980’s style rocker playing a down-gutter like an air guitar. It is based on the clients concept and as you can see, really stands out! The 80’s... Read More »

The Eagle Has Landed… A Guide to Landing Pages

So what exactly is a “landing page” and how is it different from a standard website page? A “landing page”, sometimes called a “lead capture page”, is a standalone single web page with a simple design, no navigation and most importantly, a clear “call to action”. Landing pages are most... Read More »

12 SEO Tips

Well the holidays are finally over, 2017 is in our rear-view mirror and all of your unwanted presents have been returned.. So now what? Well it is back to work!.. and what better way to get back into the swing of things then talking search engines, algorithms and page rank?... Read More »