100% Custom Web Site Creation Process

Below describes the creation process for our 100% custom web site design services. You will have the ability to monitor and approve each step of your new websites creation. If you have any questions just ask or request a 100% custom web design quote.


Here is a guide for the creation of our 100% custom websites:

Step 1: Domain Name Selection

The first step is to select your domain name (or URL) for your new web site. You can choose any domain name you wish as long as it is available. Please be aware that even though there is no website active on your chosen URL it still might be registered by someone else. If you already have a URL we will configure the DNS for you. One domain name or DNS configuration is included with all of our web web packages.

Step 2: Custom Web Design Mockups & Revisions

Next, we will create several 100% custom static design mocks for you to review and make changes to. Theses will be made from scratch specifically for you and based on our conversations, your industry, logo, color or styles requests you may have made. You will have the opportunity of making alterations to or combining your favorite designs together. Remember all colors, fonts, images, style and layout of your new web design is 100% customizable to fit your tastes and needs. During this step only you have unlimited revisions to get your new web design exactly how you want it.

Step 3: Live Website Mock

We will then convert your approved static mockup into an interactive version for you to review (coded using custom HTML, CSS, and if necessary JavaScript/jQuery). The purpose of a live mock is to show how the website looks in a web browser and for you to see the interactive functionality such as rollover buttons and text links. The live mock will look identical to your approved static mock and you will have the option of making small tweaks it; Any significant design or layout changes could be extra. Once you have approved your live mock it will be finalized.

Step 4: Add-On Features & Website Extras

After your live mock has been finalized we will setup, configure and test any web site additions you have requested such as a Content Management System (CMS), online shopping cart, mobile responsive, email contact forms, animated image carousel, etc.

Step 5: Website Creation

Next, will then begin the process of creating the individual pages, content and products that will make up your new web site based on the information, text and images you have provided us or requested.

Step 6: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As your web site nears completion we will implement your targeted keyword and key-phrases into your websites code by optimizing each page with your custom SEO information. These techniques will help drive traffic to your new site once it is launched.

Step 7: Finalizing Your New Website

As each page on your new site is completed you will have the opportunity to review it for accuracy. Any changes or fixes you might find will be made at this time. If necessary we will configure Advanced SEO techniques to your web site and add any other features you may have requested. Once this is finished your web site will be complete and made "live" online.

Our goal is for you to be 100% completely satisfied with your new web site!

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100% Custom Melbourne FL Web Design Creation Steps: Step-by-step guide to creating a 100% custom Florida website design. We’re an experienced Melbourne FL web design and Brevard County web development company.